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Why I cannot log in after registration?
Last Updated a year ago

When you register on our network, it doesn’t mean that your account is activated automatically. We have a tough registration process, and we take care of each application. However, we can describe 3 situations that might fit with your case:

  1. Your account is not activated yet because our team is reviewing your application. As a general rule, we inform the affiliates about the application status within 48h or 72h via email.

  2. Your account is not activated because your application has been rejected. You can check the status on your inbox email. 

  3. Your account is not activated because an AM is trying to contact you to considers the application approval. Double-check your inbox or other instant message platforms in case you haven’t seen the messages.

May you have one of these situations, please open a ticket through this link explaining your concerns: 

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